Situated along New York’s iconic central park is the JW Marriot Essex House Hotel where inside you will find a most charming and intimate jewelry boutique. 


For over 26 years, Danielli Fine Jewelry has been dazzling both guests from abroad and locals with a carefully chosen upscale assortment of exquisite jewelry. 


Brilliant diamonds, gold, precious stones and pearls in addition to a rare collection of one of a kind yellow, pink and multi colored diamonds are all represented impressively in this magnificent shop. 


Attention to detail, customer satisfaction, personalized service, honesty and integrity have become synonymous with Danielli. Over the years, many have relied on Danielli for their most cherished gifts and a place to turn for a unique array of spectacular jewels.


One visit to Danielli Fine Jewelry, and you will understand why clients from around the world are attracted to this alluring boutique.


Whether you are a novice or an experienced collector, come into or contact Danielli Fine Jewelry and enjoy unparalleled personalized service along with a collection of New York City’s most spectacular jewelry.






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